The Squirrel Inn

About Us

Local brother and sister-in-law Tracey and Gerald Hobbs are the wonderful hosts of The Squirrel Inn. We like spending time with regulars and have many years of experience working with and servicing customers. We are a bustling bar with a friendly environment. All of our customers are amazing people, who often become regulars, which adds to our welcoming atmosphere. In addition to providing tourists with thirst-quenching beverages and mouth-watering cuisine, the environment has helped us garner excellent visitor feedback.

Community Pubs Matter

One of the oldest institutions in Britain is the community pub. They are much more than just establishments selling alcoholic beverages. Many bars have a significant impact on the social fabric of their neighbourhoods. Pubs in communities serve as gathering spaces and hubs for community events. Both formal and informal networks are supported by pubs like The Squirrel Inn. They are essential to local economies because they employ local people and give them access to resources like information and services. They also bring people of various ages, backgrounds, and hobbies together and help individuals in their communities who are struggling with loneliness, isolation, and general wellbeing.

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Excellent Facilities

Nothing is more pleasurable than basking in the sunlight in our beer garden while drinking an ice-cold pint when the warm Somerset sun is beating down. It provides patrons with a selection of seating options with plenty of tables and an attractive wooden gazebo. A sizable field in front of the bar provides stunning vistas and mesmerising sunsets. The field is also suitable for camping with your own food.

Picturesque scenery

Chard and Somerset are home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery in the whole country. No matter the time of year, you get an essence of what it is like to live in a rural and stunning area of the UK. Come and visit The Squirrel Inn to see for yourself. 

Customer Reviews

What a great pub. Nice warm welcome, lovely atmosphere and superb food. Really good menu, totally spoilt for choice. Excellent service. Well worth a visit. And the drinks are served so nicely. All in all, attention to detail makes you want to re visit.– Kate (Facebook)

The staff are friendly and helpful, the food is lovely and the customers friendly. A brilliant local, and a warm welcome to visitors. – Caroline (Facebook)

Excellent food and friendly staff.– Andy (Facebook)

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