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Local Events

The Squirrel Inn hosts an amazing and ongoing list of local events held right here in Chard, Somerset. For full listings, please go to our Facebook page where you can receive regular updates on all our new and exciting events. To enquire more about The Squirrel Inn and our history, please give us a call.

The Ashen Faggot

Keeping true to our West Country roots, every year, on the 6th of January, we uphold the local traditional of the Ashen Faggot. This tradition has been maintained for more than 45 years now, and is something that is truly beloved by locals. A huge bundle of ash sticks or a log of ash surrounded by smaller twigs, the ashen faggot was held together by thin bands of willow or hazel. On Christmas Eve, the ashen faggot was sliced and built, then set on a fire that had been started with the faggot from the previous year. Ash burns brightly, even when it’s green, so as the flames grew and each of the withies broke, custom compelled the distribution of a fresh jug of cider to assuage the group’s thirst.

Tractor Run

Another tradition held throughout the year is a tractor run. You’re missing out if you’ve never witnessed a tractor run. We strongly recommend it as part of your calendar, especially if you have young children. Tractors and fairy lights do, after all, make for excellent entertainment. A tractor run is an event where many farmers and tractor owners gather in one location and travel along a predetermined route through towns, the countryside and other locations, usually to raise money for charity.

You can find out when tractor runs are held locally here in Chard by checking our Facebook page.

Fun For The Whole Family

With a continuous array of events happening throughout the year, there’s something here for the whole family. Whether it is a major event, or kicking back with a drink and some delicious local food with a group of friends, we can cater to all parties.

Customer Reviews

Great local hangout with friendly bartenders.– Philip (Facebook)

Good food, good service in a lovely location. If you’re on a motorcycle, it is a gravel car park, but it is well compacted, so we had no issue!– Rob (Facebook)

Very good food and drink.– Chrissy (Facebook)

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